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The Trago Mills SAH-1

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YES! Cost sharing flights are available from our Inverness base. Flights are charged at the lowest possible price to ensure accessibility to all.

£75/30 minutes (Sept 2022). Longer flights are charged pro-rata.

The purpose of the flight is to offer the experience of light aircraft flight to those that might otherwise be unable to do so, motivate individuals towards a career in aeronautics and allow as many people as possible to witness the beauty of the Scottish Highlands from the air. Aerobatics may be possible if required subject to operational considerations. Your arrangement will be directly with the pilot, who will hire the aircraft from Aerial Vocations ltd.

Yes. As a general rule we can offer flights for ages 8-80. SAHI is more accessible than most light aircraft, and it could be possible for people with mobility issues to fly too. Parental approval must be given in writing for those aged under 16 prior to flight.

Please message to discuss individual cases.

Absolutely! We want you to have a memorable flight in SAHI, and can even offer high quality GoPro movies and photographs from our wing mounted camera. Files are professionally edited and supplied on a USB stick for just £28.00.

Please minimise the carrying of loose articles when flying in SAHI, especially during aerobatic flights.

No. It is not legal, and therefore not possible to do this. Our experience flights are offered as an ‘A to A’ flight returning back to the airport of departure. 

No. SAHI is not available for flying lessons. We can recommend our local supporter, Highland Aviation, also based at Inverness for all your flying training needs.

No. The aircraft is not available for such training or solo hire.

Yes. The SAHI story is popular amongst airshow attendees, and we are always looking for opportunities to show her to as many people as possible. Our ‘Always Open’ cockpit policy would normally apply, allowing visitors to sit in her and learn more from Aerial Vocations ltd staff. By arrangement SAHI is available to attend UK and European shows at cost.

Currently only static displays are offered, but it is hoped that a flying routine could follow in due course.

Yes. We are always delighted to hear from corporate and personal supporters to ensure the long term viability of this project. Please message or email to discuss further.

Yes. We would be delighted to arrange this subject to availability. Message to discuss.

Yes. Group visits are welcome by arrangement. Group flights could also be possible subject to our normal ‘Cost Sharing’ offer.

Yes please! We would love to see any photos of SAHI from any stage of her flying life.